Professional Development – Onboarding – Documentation

I offer my skills as a tutor, passing on my expertise through training sessions to your employees, both those who have been with the company for some time and those who are new to the team and currently in the onboarding phase.

The training/tutoring is also available in English, should you prefer.

As part of professional development, often conducted remotely via Teams, there’s frequently a need to optimize your existing knowledge documentation or even to create it from scratch. After all, the specialized knowledge I teach can be found somewhere on the internet, be it in articles or YouTube videos, etc. However, it’s extremely rare for these training documents to be tailored to your specific work practices. This is where I come into play!

„Another software, another app, another database… oh NO!“

Exactly, I work with Microsoft and cloud-based web applications. This approach works today across platforms via an internet browser.

Certainly, I also have experience with DMS applications, such as d.velop’s DMS and Kofax, to name just a few among many. But even these are moving to the cloud. „DMS as a Service“ in the cloud is better than hosting the software and databases on your own servers.

Do you have your own custom application for training and training materials? I would be pleased to take a look at it and assess whether it is up-to-date, advise you on these topics, and offer you my teaching materials in PDFs, photos, audio, and videos upon the completion of the booked training. How you proceed with them, as well as the financial aspects, will be contractually fixed for such scenarios.