Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Ike, a multimedia producer and photographer.

I’m here to offer you my creative skills, talent, and experience in multimedia production and photography.

Please feel free to browse through the following pages for viewing a selection of my work.

Authenticity and naturalness are paramount in my creative endeavors. However, I also enjoy delving into creative image editing, limited only by your desires and specifications, as achieving your goals is fundamental when creating works for you as my partner and client. The ultimate photograph, in my view, is one that requires no further editing beyond resizing, tailored to its purpose.

My journey began with a Minolta analog SLR camera in my youth, followed by a Fujifilm bridge camera, then a Nikon 5300, and ultimately Sony cameras: Alpha 68, A5000, and currently the Sony A7M3. A variety of lenses and other accessories like tripods and mobile studio equipment are indispensable. Ultimately, being able to skillfully use these tools is crucial. After all, even the most expensive technology is of little use if it only produces the typical vacation snapshots.

My most substantial experience lies in nature photography, events, street, and occasionally architecture. I’ve also explored erotic photography and long exposure low light shots. There are many other areas I’ve touched upon and wish to delve deeper into.

… more to come…