IT Consulting <eng>


I offer consultation, planning, design, creation, and administration of IT solutions tailored to your needs.

As the head of your IT department, you are fundamentally responsible for the technical foundation of the company you work for, and you face projects, tasks, and questions where I can offer my experience and expertise.

Just to give an example: You want or need to restructure your IT for better efficiency and are considering optimizing the current structure based on best current practices, but you’re not quite sure what this optimum might be. I would very much like to support you in this, as several of my previous employers and bosses have had exactly this project, and I was a vital part of it, knowing from experience what works well and what does not.

For instance, you might think that the first point of contact should be a multi-talented individual, your current office organization specialist with basic IT knowledge. Then, as a mid-service level, you have a few all-rounder administrators and a few older admins who have delved quite deeply into certain areas. Hmm, what now? Suppose you have about 2000 employees spread over two locations. Would then only one office organization staff member for the 1st level, handling phone calls, email inquiries, and tickets, be sufficient? This one person would handle external and internal inquiries, juggling many tasks simultaneously. I know, it won’t work well for long! My idea: At each location, one staff member for office organization paired with a young IT specialist in system integration or a similar career changer, who wants to start in this field and work their way up. That’s 4 employees who learn to cover for each other during vacations and sick leave. Wow, that sounds expensive! Uh, no! Because the two young IT all-rounders are not doing 100% service desk tickets and IT pastoral care, but are flexibly deployed in IT projects as needed and available. And like all others, they will regularly attend training courses, being only limitedly available during these times, but afterwards, they will be even more capable. Thus, these two are only 50% dedicated to the service desk as pure IT professionals, and the two office organization staff also spend no more than 50% of their time on the pure service desk. All four together cover all times and needs for the simpler inquiries and difficulties.

Wow, so many words for just a small part of the overall solution! Now you might wonder, do I need so many if I only have one location, or how many do I need if I have three locations? I have answers and ideas for this too, but to find the optimally tailored solution for you from my example and experience, I need more data and facts about your exact situation and environment.

Now it’s your turn. Call me or write to me directly, let’s start a conversation!

Because I have a lot of consulting to offer in areas such as infrastructure, server-storage-network components, cabling, printer organization, professional structuring, customer support, internal support, OnPrem-Cloud-Hybrid solutions, automation, cross-departmental process optimization, intranet, the digital blackboard, telephone systems, data backup, IT GDPR, and much more.