Arne >Ike< T. Hadler, born in Sept. 1975, bosatt in Hamburg, Office in Glinde, east of Hamburg


Born in 1975 – since the 1990s, I have been deeply involved with computers, learning to optimally assemble them from individual parts. Early on, I also began exploring the basics of network technology, connecting to the internet using a Modem, ISDN and a FritzCard to access CompuServe and AOL.

After completing my initial vocational training as a power electronics technician in 1998, the PC became my first professional tool. Although I never really worked as an electronics technician, the electrical engineering knowledge and understanding of electronics I acquired were indispensable from the start.

In 2002, I undertook a one-year full-time study to become a multimedia producer, a skill set I’ve maintained alongside my IT career, sometimes as a hobby and at times integrating it into my professional life. Photography, web design, and multimedia, in general, have always been my artistic passions.

Between 2010 and 2011, over the course of 9 months, I trained as a Microsoft IT administrator for server and network infrastructure at Damago, embracing full-time education and since then, increasingly leveraging and expanding upon these skills. The constant need for learning in IT has always brought me great joy, keeping me abreast of the latest developments!

From 2011 to 2022, I worked as an administrator in the IT departments of various companies, spending several years in temporary employment for organizations with thousands of employees and many years in permanent positions within medium-sized companies, ranging from 200 to 4000 employees in Northern Germany.

My role was not limited to IT administration but also included programming and automation, process optimization, and project management.

Since 2023, I have been serving as a volunteer court-appointed guardian for a relative diagnosed with a rare form of dementia. These duties are often time-consuming and unpredictable, prompting me to rethink and realign my professional life.
Parallel to be a guardian, I embarked on full-time training as an Azure and m365 Cloud Administrator and began establishing my freelance career as an IT consultant and multimedia & photography artist. This shift affords me the flexibility to balance my professional and voluntary guardian commitments, allowing me to adapt my resources to meet various demands. Offering full-time employment is challenging when my availability can be uncertain due to my voluntary commitments guardian duties, which have included responding to several emergencies. A project-based, part-time position with flexible scheduling is conceivable.

As this website has been developing since September 2023, my continued professional journey will be documented through blogs and vlogs. Now, in February 2024, this website is complete and undergoing minor optimizations like adding the English to my German pages and adding useful online tools to my website.

You can view my certificates on my German „Über Mich“ page.